To write an attractive article you just have to be smart enough to follow this 6 step algorithm, which will help you maintain your audience attention for a longer period of time. All you have to do is to start practising these tactics and you will be writing impressive articles even if you have never written an article before and believe me when I say this because this is coming from knowledge and experience.
Here are those 6 steps you need to follow:
1. Knowledge on Topic.
2. Catchy titles.
3. Key points.
4. Decide the writing style.
5. Easy to understand
6. Make it spicy
7. Ask fresh eyes to read it.
8. Add a conclusion.

Now to write an attractive and eye-catching article, you must have these 3 things ready on your table before even starting to write an article.

1. Knowledge on Topic.
2. Catchy titles.
3. Key points.
4. Decide the writing style.

1. Knowledge on Topic.
To write an attractive article the first thing that you will need is knowledge because if you don’t have a good amount of understanding behind what you are saying then, you are going to feel bored while writing your article and a great man once said that if you don’t enjoy what you create then people are probably going to feel bizarre too. To attain knowledge on the topic you are writing by reading a lot about it from reliable resources.

2. Catchy Titles.  
Many people fail to understand this important point but to write an eye catching article one must choose a title which draws attention towards itself,  a catchy title just like the decoration and topping on the cake because both draw irresistible attention. Now you must gather knowledge about the topic and write multiple titles for the article and then wait till you end the article, so you can select the most accurate and eye-catching title for your eye-catching article.

3. Key Points.
When you have thought of a topic and are reading on it or gathering knowledge about it using any means necessary, you must keep a paper or small book with you on which you can write the key points on that topic. These key points should be the ones on which you are going to talk in your article as they are like your subheadings and ingredients of that great recipe. Find as many points as you can and then before writing the article just chose the best ones to include in your futures attractive article.

Now you have what you need on the table to write an article but now before writing there is another thing that you will have to decide prior to writing your article as it is an important turn for the future of your article.

4. Decide The Writing Style.
Now the style that you write in is like your behaviour or accent which you are using to communicate with your readers as they will be playing a key role in the base of your article and will also decide the amount of attraction that your article gets. There are mainly two styles when we talk about writing, one is formal and other is in-formal but there is a catch to the informal language as it has many types and many differences according to the situation, topic and the reader. The style is something which creates a bond between you and your reader. So you must make the correct choice. When you are writing an article and it falls in an in-formal type, it is better to write it as you are talking to your friend but you must keep in mind that you are talking to the general public and you will be good to go.

Once these 4 things are done, you are completely ready to hit the neat work and write that eye-catching attractive article of your dreams but here in this process, there are quite a few techniques that you can use to make your article even more attractive for the readers.

5 Tactics to implement during the writing process of an article:

1. Make it easy to understand
2. Make it feel fresh.
3. Use Different Tones.
4. Spice it up.
7. Add a Conclusion.
5. Use fresh eyes to read your article.

So implement these 5 Tactics during the writing process to create an attractive article:

1. Make it easy to understand:
when you are writing an article for the general public, you must not use the vocabulary which goes above and beyond the head of a commoner as that will take away the word eye-catching from your article and even if it is impressive, the number of people reading it will be very low.

2. Make it feel fresh.
When you are writing an article it must not have that repetitive wording as such repetition takes away the attention of a normal person and they get bored fast, you can use a catchy sentence again and again but must change the general way of writing like if I say “I have written this article for you” and if I have to say the same thing twice I will say it like “the sole purpose to write this article was to enlighten you with this great knowledge” Now, what’s better?
Yeah the second one is way better because it makes the whole thing more interesting and just imagine; when you use the two sentences in a sequence according to a good context, what will you get? You will drown your reader in the oceans of your writing as this flow will keep on pulling deeper and deeper making a bond.

3. Use different tones.
Tones are like behaviours of your speech and when you are talking in the context of writing, it talks about the emotional side of your article. When you write an an article according to the situation and topic you must interchange between different tones from soft to aggressive and from aggressive to emotional and the list of tones goes on but keep in mind that it should be according to the topic and the situation of that point in the article according to the need of the context.

4. Spice it up.
When you are writing an article, one of your goals is to connect with your audience and create a bond with them which makes them happy, sad and excited when you want them to be, so for that bond to form you will have to spice up the things according to the taste required for the situation in the article but there are some things that you can use to help yourself write an attractive article.

How to spice up your article?
1. Use of metaphors.
2. Use of jokes.
3. Use Quotations.
4. Add the scent of a story.
5. Use Inverted Pyramid style.
6. Ask Questions.

Use These Ways To Spice Up Your Article:

1. Use of Metaphors.
Metaphors create an amazing amount of attraction in your article if you use them in the right way, let me give you an example “
Writing is like kissing and can be just as engaging…at least if you know your audience” If you learn to use the metaphors, it will make your articles more eye-catching and will increase the amount of attraction.

2. Use of Jokes.
Jokes are good but only if your topic allows it too, if it allows you can add-up jokes during the writing to entertain the audience and so they are away from boredom but make sure to joke without breaking the flow of your article.

3. Use Quotations.

When we talk about attraction in articles quotations play an amazing role. When you add the words of the people who are famous and people are likely to think of their words like brand, then your audience will feel more comfortable in your words, which will help you build a stronger bond.

4. Add the scent of a story.  
Who doesn’t love a story? Yes, everyone loves a good story. So when you are writing an article you should try to give it a story like a tail or add a small reference tail in the article to increase the amount of audience attention.

5. Use Inverted Pyramid Style.
The Inverted Pyramid style is a style in which the writer gives the summary of the whole article in some short sentences in the start of the article, breaking the rule of the suspense as many people reading on the screen or paper skip some pages to get to the climax but if you have already told them that by obviously hiding the process, you will win the attention of people who are interested in the process and if you are a person who writes on web, then we both know that people don’t really stick till the end, so if you do consider giving a comment down below.

6. Ask Questions.
When you are writing your article make sure to ask potential questions during the article. That is a good practice because it helps in maintaining contact with the reader as it can break due to the continuous flow which sometimes becomes boring for the reader and to save the reader from boredom; we use this “questioner” technique to retain the attention of the reader.

So these were the techniques that you can use in your articles to spice them up, now let’s continue towards the last two steps of writing an attractive article.

5. Ask fresh eyes to read your article.
We often overlook the mistakes and flows that we have left in the article but if we ask someone else to read the article for us, they will be able to tell the problems in the article.
if you don’t have any eyes other than your own eyes, then it is okay because same happens with me as I am alone in this process, so I use Grammarly which is a free tool for beginners to check for mistakes and to give you so much more additional information. So feel free to login into Grammarly from here: Grammarly Free Tool.

6. Add a Conclusion.  
In conclusion just some up everything you have said and give your final words about the topic, so people can get a run through all the things that you have said and understand your point.

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