Story writing is an art and just like any art, it involves idea and application. Now there are many people with ideas but when you are writing a story you will have to know the correct basic format of writing a story.
There are 3 basic steps that every writer follows to write a story and a great story showcases these steps in the most intriguing way possible.

 Below Are 3 Basic Steps to Write Great Story

1. Setup.

2. Conflict.
3. Resolution.

1. Setup
Now let us start with the setup because guess what? It is the start of the story. Set up is like the setting up of the first scene like; “once upon a time there was an old man he had three boys”
This is the setup and in this, you need to show the wider scene and showcase the important characters around whom the story will evolve and here you should carefully reveal information because if you will reveal all the information and if you will stay too tight, it might become boring for the reader. The basic things that a setup consists of are setting, time, place, normal happening.

2. Conflict
Now the conflict is something in which you capture the attention of the audience and that is the most interesting and breathe taking part where there is a lot of happening and it is the middle of the story. A good example for it will be; “the old man’s three boys never stopped quarrelling and because of that they were always fighting and trying to create a problem for one another and that caused strong discomfort in the family but then the old man thought of a plan….” The story goes on. Conflict speaks about the occurring problem and a plan on which the story moves to resolve the conflict. It is like a problem, process, and dealing kind of thing. Now depending upon your story the spice that you add up in the problem and in the process of the dealing with a problem, the more interesting your story will become.

3. Resolution
Now if you look at resolution is like the implementation of the plan and then maybe a happy or sad ending which talks about what the future holds and how things are going. It is basically like the new normal of the characters in the story now. So resolution comes in the end and it is the afterthought of the story but there are some writers who actually start the story form it’s a resolution or from the last piece of conflict but that comes in advance levels.

Now these are the three basic things of a story and the most basic way to understand it is within your own life.  Imagine you are playing a video game while sitting on your bed and your mom calls you and asks you to go to the market and buy a bag of yogurt for the dinner. Now this “sitting downplaying video game” is the setup, “your mom calling you and you going to the market and buying yogurt” it is the middle and you coming back home is the resolution. Now you can make that going out and coming back after buying the yogurt the process and if you make that interesting, now if you want to write an amazing story buy this book: How to Write Winning Short Stories

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