Motivation is something that makes you feel like doing your work and moving forward but it always comes when you have something to do and not just something but something which you are an enthusiast of and by that definition you are asking this question because you don’t really have a goal in your life, you don’t have a clear vision upon which you are going to live your life and even if it is there, it isn’t big enough.

The basic solution to the problem of “lack of motivation” is simple, you just have to have a dream, a vision so big that it frightens you, that it makes the people laugh and doesn’t let you sleep at night but this is something you must have heard from every other motivational speaker and you probably think that this doesn’t work for you, which is right and wrong at the same time because the thing about dream and motivation is true but for you, it doesn’t work because you don’t have that feel that comes from inside, that voice that shivers you, you don’t have stakes that can make your sleep run like an idiot who got high on an apple.

The true vision is which has a feel, which has gotten stakes, which helps you concentrate on that clear path which you shall follow and not just a clear path but focus so clear that your path becomes clear as you stop fearing those hurdles in it.

Now the question is simple, how do you find a purpose in life? How do you find that goal? How do you see that vision? There is no mathematical rule but I will let you in on my story which made me aim and see a dream which always keeps me motivated.

One day I was out with my dad to give away food to the needy and we were in a car giving away food from the window and there I saw that hunger and I felt it in those voices, in those clothes, in those faces and in those dirty bodies which needed a shower, those kids who couldn’t go to school and that environment made me weep and I was depressed for days and at that time I saw a dream that I will help these people and then the question was how? I looked into the history and saw that two things are necessary to raise the people and those are mindsets and money.

A decent mindset makes you sensitive and helps you see that education is necessary for all and money helps you implement your plans to help people and now I don’t need motivational lectures because I am so full of it that I can give such lectures myself and can help people by spreading the knowledge which helps makes a mindset of growth.

This is how I found my vision and you too can find that you just have to look for it, just know what you’re doing and why you are doing and if you have a righteous answer you will not have to look for motivation anymore as you will always stay full of energy because you have a long path to walk and time is not on your side but the will is on your side and you can beat everything with that will of righteousness.

The message that I strived to convey in this article was about a dream which has a production history. That history empowers it by fueling it with feelings, with that spirit and that belief of doing the impossible and making it possible. All of it comes when you look for it, it won’t come if you have a beast’s want, which desires only for itself but humans want which has the power of empathy, which wants for a bigger goal. If you want further knowledge on this topic read this book: Get out of Your Own Way: Overcoming Self-Defeating Behavior

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