YouTube is a great platform and gives people useful information as well as entertainment in different ways and that becomes possible because there are some amazing creators working hard to provide that info and entertainment. These things aside there are both good and bad stuff on YouTube and something’s might not be bad in general but they can become bad for us. What happens when we start to increase the radius of our attention in terms of gaining information, infotainment and entertainment. This increase happens when we spend way too much time on YouTube exploring different random stuff and because of that; we reach a point when we have so many things that we are interested and indulged in that there is hours and hours long footage that we are interested to watch. This is a problem which makes us an official addict because there are only 24 hours in our day and we can’t possibly cover numerous videos made by numerous different creators of numerous different genres in our single persons day as we have more things to do than to watch videos just for fun or some information we don’t really need in real-time but because they are catchy and fascinating to watch we gladly become a YouTube addict.

So how do we end up getting in this much trouble? How are we under so much pressure of content? How we create this mountain of content that we want to watch in our busy or at least important lifetime? How do we get rid of YouTube addiction?

The answer is simple. Sometimes willingly or unwillingly we end up subscribing to the channels that fascinate us in one way or the other but we aren’t really interested in those videos and they are the channels that are going to show up in our notification box or YouTube feed and someday in the long list we are going to watch those videos. If it’s the story of one or two channels, it is bearable but with time there is a mountain of such channels and with so much videos we become interested in many of them thus wasting our time and stepping forward on the road to YouTube addiction.

There is a huge amount of content that we had lost interest over time and age but we are still subscribed to them and we end up watching one or two videos sometimes and that adds up to our watching list even though we aren’t primarily interested in that stuff and that just is the sign of our YouTube addiction.

Now there is a huge amount of videos that are randomly suggested by YouTube looking into our interests and because they have catchy titles, thumbnails and general information content like 5 farming machines you won’t believe exist or 5 places you won’t believe exist or 5 kitchen hacks and the list goes in of that random stuff or answers to the questions that pop up in our suggestion and even though we have no interest in watching those videos otherwise or searching for them, we end up watching them to throw away our curiosity and then after that we keep on watching the similar type of content as it becomes hard to resist as you continue to watch further and further thus sheltering our YouTube addiction even more.

Now these were all the problems that might be directly or indirectly triggering your YouTube addiction but these are obviously not all the factors that add up to this addiction. We can’t discuss more factors because that will obviously go beyond the scope of this article as you are just here for a basic understanding and solution to get rid of this content addiction caused by so much awesome content.

Solution To Get Rid Of YouTube Addiction
Now this is the solution that I was able to find as I was one day thinking about this problem and trying to work out a solution and the solution that I built in my mind worked quite nice for me. I hope it works for you as well and you end up getting rid of this YouTube Addiction. What I did was very simple I opened up my subscription list in which all the channels to which I had subscribed over the years were visible in a list. You can open this list by clicking on subscriptions on a mobile device but for pc, you need to click on subscriptions and then click on manage and you will be able to see all the channels that you are currently subscribed to. I recommend you to do this on a laptop or desktop computer to make it more efficient as most probably if you are a YouTube addict the list will be very long.

Now the process is very simple just open this list and quickly start unsubscribing from the channels that you are either no longer interested in or the channels that you are mildly interested in or the channels that give you some amazing information but you are not needing it real-time or the channels that you think are just wasting your time even though they are very entertaining.
This will be a slow and long process given that you are subscribed to many channels being a YouTube addict. You will feel it hard to unsubscribe from many channels but don’t give it much thought and unsubscribe because if you gave channels a second thought you are going to keep many channels and the problem is going to get nowhere near the island of solution. So just unsubscribe by making a firm decision.

Now this was the first part of the solution because the second part is going to be a bit continuous as you continue to use YouTube and benefit for yourself and it provides with future security to protect yourself from dropping down in the hole of addiction once again.

Now all you have to do is to click on those three dots coming with those videos in your recommendation feed and hot not interested whenever a video arrives which is of random entertainment or infotainment which you don’t really need and another thing that you need to implement is that you subscribe to the channels that help you grow individually and provide you with useful information which helps you in real-time and that can be the things like your studies, your work-related growth tips and your favourite standup comedy etc...

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