When we are going to school we are often in tension for the upcoming events or sometimes we are lazy and our mind feels dizzy or not happy about going to the place which can easily be improved if we make some changes in our life.

6 Tips to Walk in School with Fresh Mind
These tips will help you be happy, comfortable, sharp and fresh when you start your school each and every day but it will only work if you follow the routine properly and believe me because I speak from experience as I have explored this path down the road.

1. Sleep Early and Healthy.
The major portion starts from the night if you are the person who stays awake till 2am, you are killing yourself as sleep is the most important part of your day as it reboots you and charges you to face another day just like your phone, so if you ignore that, you will be in trouble.
Startup by sleeping early and when I say early it is great if you sleep at 10pm max and to make your sleep healthy take a quick shower before sleeping and stop using any screen devices 20-40 minutes before taking a shower. After you are done with the shower, wear comfy clothes and go to your bed at 10pm. This will help your body relax and calm down at night and recharge to its fullest thus increasing the quality of your sleep. Read This article if you care to increase your sleep quality even more: How To Increase Sleep Quality? 10 Best Ways To Improve Sleep Quality.
                               Your Future Depends Upon Your Dreams, So Go To Sleep.”

2. Wake Up Early
The problem with most of us is that we sleep late at night just because we think that we have so many things to do and if we sleep we won’t be able to complete our tasks and waste our life which is incorrect. If you sleep early at night then you must rise early too like when I sleep at 10pm I wake up as early as 3am and trust me the time stops at that time no matter what you do.
So no matter what happens focus on sleeping early and waking up early and when you do that it won’t be easy in the start but if you push yourself by using the strength of your will you will be able to wake up at 3am sharp even without an alarm and complete all your tasks and still have the time for yourself.

3. Take a Deep Bath
Now you might think of this as an obvious step but there are some special things that you must learn in this step of your morning. When you wake up the first thing you should do is stretch and exercise a bit and after that, you are good to go for the shower. When you are in the shower make sure you stop thinking about everything and relax, unwind yourself and let the cares drift away from yourself, this will lighten your head and make release strains along with some stress upon your head.

4. Practice Breathing
Breathing is essential for life thus sometimes it is better to step aside from the fast lane of life and stop by to breath. You should take deep breaths by sitting or standing in the most comfortable poses possible for you. Make sure those breaths are deep but slow to inhale and exhale. When you are done inhaling, stop for a while before exhaling as this will strengthen your body and brain making you loosen up a bit and relive all the strains along with all the toxic inside your body if you do this 13-15 times. After that wash your mouth properly to get rid of all the resident toxins from the mouth to get that fresh breath you love. If you have done it right, it will make you very hungry because you will have exhaled the worries and failure of the past.
                                         “Inhale The Future, Exhale The Past.”

5. Eat Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and in today’s world, we have started ignoring it thus, facing the consequences. Now when I say that eat breakfast like a king I don’t mean that you should eat 2 tons of chocolates but what I mean is that you must eat the food which is greatly beneficial for the mind and body and that you must eat enough to fill 80% of your stomach because more than that can lead you to laziness and we don’t want that. There is a saying:
           “Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, and Dinner like a Pauper”

6. Special Stroll
So this one is very important and it is my secret special ingredient because I do this a lot because it helps me a lot, so if your school is near you and you take a walk, chose the longer route or a route full of nature and observe each noise in that morning's silence and observe each cloud of the sky and your surroundings, it will be like discovering a new world every day. If you go in a bus or a car or on your own bike you can do the same, just look around and observe the details and trust me when I say this you will have a clear straight forward mind when you walk into your school and your brain will b work faster and stronger than before, you will have sharper senses and fresh mind ready to process it all. This will also give you new ideas and a better perspective on life. If you can’t do it because of any problem just do it before going to school but do it. Don’t miss this one because:
                                                “All Walking is Discovery”

These tips can help you a lot if you want to give out a good impression and live an active life full of energy and courage to move forward. You can improve your memory, get motivated, stay away from depression, Develop a better mindset and even get inspiration. If you are in on books this is an amazing book which will help you get rid of self-strains and become the great person you truly are: Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life
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