Should you Study Hard or Smart? Learn Best Study Ethic

People are often confused upon this question if they have truly given a thought to the equation.
The truth is that you can’t really choose one but you will have to maintain a balance between both, which will make doing the hard work easy. I have learned it the hard way after 7 years of struggle which is absolutely stupid of me but I will make sure you don’t follow my path and change your engine and road both at the same time.

Now here I will break down this equation into some parts, making it easy for you to understand in a way that will make it possible for you to implement this study ethic in your life.

Smart Management & Planning
Management is going to be the key part in this quest as in smart work management and planning jumps in even before starting the actual work. First, you must put the subject on the table with its required books and put down your diary with an open page and write down the things that you need to work with in the process of studying the subject.

To move forward with management you must know your limits, weakness and strengths about that subject and its different chapters or topics or numerical problems etc… If you don’t have an idea analyze yourself and write down on your diary after the subject and its parts in a way that makes things clear and easy to read and understand.

Now Strategy is the actual difference between working like a donkey and working smart. You must make a strategy by looking into your weakness and strengths according to the complexity of the task by managing study periods with your energetic time. You should make a work strategy that makes it easy for you to balance between the hardest and easiest parts of your learning and also write down the ways that you are going to learn the hard and difficult topics with the time and effort that you are going to spend. 

Strategy Tips
There are some common mistakes people make while making a plan for smart study which is an unrealistic strategy or plan which leads to failures. Like I will do 2 chapters this hour and then these 3 three chapters in the next hour after taking the break by running my brain harder, this habit of making unrealistic strategy fails the component of your strategy which makes you demotivated and that crucial in situations. So make a plan which is based on reality and easy to work around with proper balance of energy, time, complex topics and break according to the given time and make everything clear and don’t leave holes in the plan.
Here is the equation of strategy:
Work → Strategy → Reality → Clarity → Energy → Balance → Goal.
 Now, these are the things you will need to have in mind while making your strategy. Now let us discuss the last part goal.

This goal is very important you must have a real goal embedded in your plan which you expect to achieve at all costs. You should know why you are working to achieve that goal and the reasons for such achievement must have high stakes and you must be really interested in your goal because if you mess up in implementation because you weren’t focused, there is no way you will be able to follow your plan. So goal must be something you really crave because it is the end result of all that work you have done.

Now you should understand the definition that I have learned through some hard turns in life so you don’t get distracted in your way of the smart study ethic.

Smart Work
Smart work is when you work hard but towards a goal, you have clear means to achieve with ease because you know how?
Here “means” is the proper manageable plan and “you know how” is the strategy your plan will follow.

Simple Example of Smart Work
This is going to clarify everything as it is a perfect example. Imagine you have to travel from your house to the mall and you travel on foot and at the same time you don’t know the way to the mall and you don’t use any technology to find the malls way but on the other hand, you want to go to a mall so you look into maps and select the shortest and fastest root, after that you sit-in a car or a bike and move towards the mall. Who will reach their faster? Who will reach the mall more easily? Obviously, this person who planned and strategized then used the proper means to reach his destination. On the other hand the former will be very slow even though he will have to work very hard for the same objective because he is just doing the hard work and the former is doing hard and smart work as he is both acting and planning.

This was the basic understanding and basic ways that you could implement to work more efficiently but these are not enough so I recommend you to take the proper way and read one or more of the following books if you want to become smarter and more efficient with every passing day.

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